Old to new Tamil comedy movies selected for you 2023

The choice of movies greatly varies with different people, especially based on their ages. Some people like to watch super hit old Tamil films, while others prefer new Tamil movies. For example, you may like to watch good and new Tamil movies, while your parents prefer old movies, which are their favourites. There can also be many other groups who prefer movies of a particular actor or genre.

All these show the need for an online streaming platform like aha with Tamil movies suitable for everyone’s liking. Aha is an OTT platform with a movie collection from old to new. So whether you are looking for action or comedy Tamil movies, aha is the ideal choice for you (providing old and new Tamil movie collections).

Given below are some comedy Tamil movies listed from the old to new movie collections of aha

1.      Paatti Sollai Thattathe


The cast

The comedy film Paatti Sollai Thattathe was directed by Rajasekhar and released in 1988. Paatti Sollai Thattathe stars Manoramma as Kannathaa, Pandirajan as Selvam and Urvashi as Seetha. Supporting cast members include Silk Smitha, Disco Shanti, Kovai Sarala, etc.

The story

Paatti Sollai Thattathe – film revolves around Kannathaa, an old rich woman and her grandson Selvan. The film starts with the intro of Kannathaa and her grandson, who is returning home after his higher studies. Since Selvan marries a woman against his grandmother’s will, he has to leave the house. Later, Selvan has to face many challenges in his life, which is presented in the movie in a fun way. He even hires a baby to please Kannathaa to accept him and his wife into the family again. All of which results in more fun but challenging for Selvan.

2.      Sabhaapathy

The cast

Sabhaapathy is another comedy film directed by Srinivasa Rao under the production company R K Entertainment. The film stars Santhanam as Sabapathy in the lead role and Preeti Verma as Savithri. Other cast members of this film are Sayaji Shinde, Vamsi Krishna, Uma, Mayilsamy, etc.

The story

Sabhaapathy is a perfect comedy entertainer to lift your spirits and enjoy a weekend with your family. The story is about Sabhaapathy, who has stammering issues, causing him many troubles. He even fails to get a good job because of his problem, which results in a bad situation for him. But it is presented in a fun way to entertain the viewers. The story’s main event starts when Sabhaapathy accidentally receives big luck and serious problems along with it. So are you interested to know what happens in his life after that? Visit aha and take a subscription to watch this full movie.

3.      Trisha Illana Nayanthara

The cast

Adhik Ravichandran directs a new gen romance comedy film Trisha Illana Nayanthara. The film stars G V Prakash Kumar in the lead role as Jeeva, Manisha Yadav as Aditi and Anandhi as Ramya. Other main cast members are Simran, VTV Ganesh, G Marimuthu, Priya Anand, Yugi Sethu, etc.

The story

Trisha Illana Nayanthara is a comedy romance film which revolves around Jeeva and his different love stories. He falls in love with his childhood friends Aditi and Ramya simultaneously but keeps breaking up. And this is a fun fact about this movie, which encourages the viewers to know who will be Jeeva’s life partner. The film moves with the theme “if one girl leaves, there is always another”; thus, the title is Trisha Illana Nayanthara. The climax has yet another twist, which excites the viewers. So make sure to watch this full movie on aha.

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